Social Art

Alla believes in the social dimensions of art. Art should empower people and help them to work towards a common goal. It should deal with issues directly rather than simply express them.


While travelling in Kenya, Alla discovered that the art aspect of education for creativity in schools was virtually non-existent. In 2007, she set up a Social Art project MASK (Mobile Art School in Kenya) to strengthen creativity of young people in Africa to enable them effectively solve problems and bring change. For the next decade together with Kenyan children and teachers she campaigned for creativity and run the creativity learning programmes such as 'Creativity Clubs in Schools' and 'MASK Prize Creativity Competition for Young People in Africa'.


MASK exhibited at UNESCO (Paris and Seoul), Saatchi Gallery, Turner Contemporary, Nairobi National Museum, Woodrow Wilson Center, Library of Congress and other platforms. The project has been acclaimed by the Global Education Innovation Initiative of Harvard University, and the Center for Education Innovations of the Results for Development Institute, featured on leading Kenyan TV channels, and recognised by Barack and Michelle Obama. In 2017, the Kenyan government made "creativity" one of the seven "core competencies" of its new school curriculum.


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